Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update regarding CAT Case

Dear Friends
                 Our case has been posted for tomorrow i.e. 18.02.2011. Discussion with advocate regarding argument has been completed.  Sri. Chandrakanta Paladhi and some of our friends will attend the hearing in the tribunal. Further updates will be given by tomorrow evening.


  1. Dear Premanand ji
    Thanks for your update. the EIGHTEENTH the full moon day , the hearing will give total shine to every IPs face. We are all with you.
    Justice will be ours. Jai hind.

  2. We wil win.
    Narrow minded 'items' of all circle wil realise the presence of a Leader.

  3. Dear Mr Parmanand ji!
    All the best 4 hearing favourable verdict. Since tomorrow is "Maaghi Purnima", everything will be fine. Again, credit goes to u and ur sincere team. Advance congratulations!

  4. Premanand Sir, advance congratulations narrow minded people will certainly realise the new things. one more most worst thing which is happening in Andhra Circle namely in Kurnool Region one Sub Dn Head was shifted from his place of working just one week back on the ground that he was not attended review meeting at RO Kurnool (AP) though he was informed SP and AD but none proteced even our so called legends i.e. CS and president and RRs. one more un-realistic target was given in Kurnool Region two more sub dn heads are going to shift from their place of working the assigned target is opening of 1000 (just one thousand only) savings accounts in each BO by SDH with in a period of ten days. Our so called legends are very silent here also we require one more PREMANAND SIR to fight against alll these. GOD has to save us. PREMANAND SIR blog gives link to All india IP ASP association blog whereas no coverage in CHQ blog about GP case. SHanthi hi Shanthi Hi Shanthi Hi

  5. All IP's are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the case. All the best for everyone.

  6. All the Best Permanand Bhaiji to you and your team !!!!!!!!!!!!!May your efforts till date get their due today !!!
    With fingers crossed ...Hoping for very best for all of us !

  7. we are waiting eagerly to break the bloody idoles

  8. sir,

    any information?

  9. sarkar kuch update de.....

  10. Dear Permanad,
    Pl. update about the hearing in CAT. Our CHQ is highlighting the issue of merger of LDC/UDC in CHQ blog and upgradation of UDC GP to 4200. However CHQ is silent for the issue of IPOs GP hike.