Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News regarding pay fixation for those who promoted after 01.01.2006

         It has been clarified  by the Ministry of Finance vide MOF, D/o Expenditure, IC U.O No.10/1/2010-IC dated 27.01.2010 (Para 3) in c/w the Pay fixation of PAs/ Assistants in Ministry of Petrolium, that the fitment table corresponding to the upgraded scale will be applicable in case of promotion after 01.01.2006, but in such case, the individual will not be entitled to any arrears of Pay w.e.f 01.01.2006 till the date of their promotion.  This was again asked from the Finance Ministry under RTI Act 2005, and it is stated vide MOF (Exp) U.C No.22/01/2010-IC dated 23.03.2010 that the above clarification is applicable to all Ministries and Departments.
   The pay scale of ASPOs was upgraded from Rs.6500-10500 to Rs.7450-11500 (CCS Pay Rules,2008). There is no dispute in this regard. Whereas in case of Inspector Posts, the Dept. may state that the Pay scale of Inspector Posts was not upgraded to Rs.6500-10500, but that may be defended referring the para 7.6.14 of sixth CPC Report.
     Hence those IPOs/ASPOs, who are promoted after 01.01.2006 may opt for the fixation from the date of their promotion, and they will get the fixation as per the fitment table corrresponding to Rs.6500-10500 for IPOs and Rs.7450-11500 for ASPOs. Only thing is that they will have to forgo their arrears till the date of their promotion.
   Any doubt in this regard may be sent through the email


  1. Dear Permanand,
    I am promoted from PA to IPO since 01.3.2006 i.e. date of joining in IPO cadre.The issue is whether I am eligible to get GP of 4600 like PAs of Min. of Petrolium or otherwise .Ministry of Petrlium PAs will get GP of 4600 as per the clarification. What about the GP of IPOs? Since pay scale of IPOs has been upgraded as per recomendation of Pay commission and its acceptance.Whether the clarification in r/o Min. of petrolium is applicable to IPOs or not ?

  2. The clarification given by Ministry of Finance in c/w the Pay fixation of PAs/ Assistants in Ministry of Petrolium, is also applicable to all Ministries / Departments. This is stated by the MOF in the reply given under RTI Act 2005. The pay scale of ASPOs was upgraded from Rs.6500-10500 to Rs.7450-11500 (CCS Pay Rules,2008). There is no dispute in this regard. Whereas in case of Inspector Posts, the Dept. may state that the Pay scale of Inspector Posts was not upgraded to Rs.6500-10500, but that may be defended referring the para 7.6.14 of sixth CPC Report. ASPOs Pay scale was upgraded due to upgradtion in IPOs scale only.

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  4. New GS is saying that he is pursuing the case for GP hike. But what steps has he taken after AIC? File is still pending with the dept even after 25 days of meeting with the DG. Association is focussing on all other things except the GP hike for Ips. Gos knows whether IPs will ever get justice...

  5. I agree with you. New GS should have taken more efforts as he is serving in Delhi only. 25 days are already passed.How much time is required?. I hope new GS will not create new hurdles for the GP of 4600 to IPOs.

  6. At least the new GS has responded now.... hope for some positive outcome early.

  7. For Immediate grant of GP of 4600 to IPOs , IPOs should sit in indefinite hunger strike infront of residence of D.G. Posts & residence of Minister concerned. It is joke how Postal administration is fooling IPOs.Pay commission recommended upgradation and subsequent MOF orders granted 4600 GP to identicle scales of IPOs and Postal administration is blind mute spectator in the matter.Other Ministries promptly implemented the MOF/Pay commission orders and granted 4600 GP to their employees which are in identicle scales to IPOs.IPOs in the eye of Postal administration are useless peoples. We are being treated as beggars.As such it appears IPOs GP have been murdered.

    We should start non co operation movement and think about hunger strike like Motorman of Mumbai.We should highlight our issue with reputed media houses and expose the Officers of Department of Posts who created the hurdles and denied the GP of 4600 to IPOs till date .
    Motorman of Mumbai are demanding higher grade pay which is higher than the G.P. recommended by 6 PC. IPOs are demanding the g.p. recommended & accepted by Govt. Observe the difference.
    Please think seriously. Even if Permandbhai wins CAT case the D.G.Post will approach Supreme court to twist the case. The master twister are in the Postal administration who have wasted crores of Rs.on follwoing services:

    JAI HO.

  8. Dear Permanand
    I think we are not fortunate enough to get the beifit of the order of MoF u/r as our deptt never issue order to this effect and our Union will also remain in mum ? Pl suggest how can we get the benifit of the order of MoF.

  9. Dear Permanand,
    we are not fortunate to get the benifit of the order of the MoF as our Deptt will never issue order to this effect and our Union will also remain silence in this matter .Pl suggest how can we get the benifit of the order of MoF.

  10. Those who are eligible as per the clarification given by the MOF, they should give the representation to the Dept. referring the MOF Clarifications. I think the Dept. will not reject the claim, however, it may be sent to MOF by the Dept. for further clarification. Ultimately, we will definitely get the fitment as per the upgraded pay scale.

  11. Inspectors of CBD/CBEC gave an indefinite strike call for their demand og GP of 4600. The the MOF instantly took steps for GP upgradation. Inspectors form the backbone of our postal system. Let all inspectors go for a strike then the dept will hasten steps for GP upgradation of IPs.We have been waitining for more than 6 months for justice. Now its time to take drastic steps. Please share your views.

  12. Premanad please let us know your views on inspectors gouing for a token strike/no-work for a few hours every day till GP gets increased. Almost 6 months have gone by when other inspectors got GP of 4600; how long can we wait? Since our association is remaining a mute spectator at the plight of IPs; we should be ready to take graded violent steps to achieve our demand. I believe strike is a legitimate right in any democratic set-up.

  13. Daer Mr. Anonymous ( May 5, 2010 3:40 AM)
    What you are saying is correct. Some collective strong action from our side is required. At the same time U pls. see how many persons are ready for even a token strike or for mass leave protest. Forget about others, if U are that much daring, you should express your views openly and try to convince others also. Hiding your identity and motivating others will not work. Strike notice cannot be given by any individual. However mass leave protest may be thought of.As far as legal option is concerned, the Tribunal is opening on 17th May and the case may be posted within one or two days after that. Hope U will understand. Please, don't take my views otherwise.

  14. Extract of Orissa Circle Association Bolg :
    Thursday, May 6, 2010
    Updates through CHQ
    The proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs due for submission to MOF again has not yet been sent. Time-line for resubmission of the proposal is not known.
    (Source: GS on phonic contact by CS of Orissa Circle on 06.05.2010)

    Dear friends,
    Association GS stated in CHQ blog that he is pursuing the Grade pay issue. Is this the way to pursue ? He himself is not known about the submission of file to MOF. The reason for delay has also not been known. At least a time frame should have been given. Inactiveness of the Association in this regard is surfaced. Is there any hidden agenda of the Association ? We may leave the association without any further delay. It is very difficult to wait ............

  15. Yes,
    There must be hidden agenda of mAssociation just like Parvej Mushraf for "K" Factor.

  16. The proposal may go to MOF within 1or 2 days. ASPs may remain as ASPs with gaz. status and IPs may remain as IPS without gaz. status !
    Even after merger, there may be 2 nomenclature with same GP!
    DR quote IPs may remain as 33% of total strength of IPs/ASPs !
    confusion !NO NO NO NO Don't cry foul. ok
    Let us hope for best and pray for best of luck to this cadre !

  17. Dear Mr. Anonymous (May 9, 2010 9:33 PM),
    What is your source of information ?

  18. Dear Mr. Anonymous (May 9, 2010 9:33 PM),please dislose the source of your information and how much reliable is the source. CGQ GS said that the date for submission of file to MOF is not known. But you are saying that it will happen in 1-2 days. Please let us know in details. ALL IPS are very anxious about it. It is high time that we take some collective drastic steps to get justice.

  19. Friends,
    Where is file of merger or 4600 GP?
    It appears same has been burried forever.

  20. Dear Shri Roopchand u r good for nothing as General Secretary of Association nothing is heard about GP hike to 4600 ur nothing doing seating at CHQ do something soon or leave the chair of GS

  21. Sorry friends, though you are claiming GP of 4600/- for IP, did u think anytime beyond the purview of inspector cadre. Here i will bring the following to your view so that you guys are realizing what will happen for merger proposal in the view of department
    Foresight the need of the hour, not the policy of appeasement. ok,
    At the time of increasing the GP of IP/ASP, what about the PSS Group ‘B’ cadre, which is already suffering from erosion of authority due to the ill-treatment in fixing their Grade pay and keeping them in Pay band -2.

    Earlier, the PSS Group ‘B’ officer as Divisional Head is the disciplinary authority for minor penalties in respect of ASP and IPs. This was necessary to bring in order in the administration. After conferring Gazetted status, the disciplinary power has been given to the Director, and the SP, who was stripped of the disciplinary power could not get the things done. Now, the IP, after having been adorned with the Gazetted status, is answerable to the Director, who was the appellate authority earlier and not to the SP, who was the disciplinary authority.

    Having striped of all power of control, how can the SP manage his division? It will give ample scope for potentially head strong people (read IP/ASP)to defy the orders and instructions of the SP. Does the DOP want such a situation in the department, which is unable to ensure quality service despite launching of Project Arrow etc.

    Where does the solution lie? Upgrade the status of the Divisional Head in Group ‘B’. Without up gradation of the status of the Divisional SP by granting them appropriate Grade pay, the merger is of little use for good administration. Already, the road is paved for the degeneration of the Divisional Authority, and of course the causality is not the Divisional Heads but service, efficient service to the people at large. Which way the DOP wants to go? What we need is loud thinking and foresight

    Source.... Karnataka Circle Offrs association blog.

  22. hello sir, i am selected as ipo from ssc exam. firstly i salute you for the fight you are doing for us. i read all your efforts on the net. sir i want to know about the future in the department and after how much time we will get the grade pay of 4600.

  23. Dear Mr.Premanand, can you please send a copy of the RTI reply received in this regard to or post the same in so that many will get benefitted. Please reply