Friday, February 18, 2011

Update of our CAT case

Dear Friends,
       Our case came up for hearing today. Counsel of the Respondents requested two weeks time stating that he is not prepared for the argument. Hon'ble Tribunal has granted ten days time as last chance and the case is posted to 03.03.2011.


  1. Let them take more time to accept inevitable judgement.

  2. Not prepared ? is it shame or not.
    Surely we will get it.

  3. Some of our brothers guiding the dept advocate to argue against us. Wil they accept benefits of GP hike when we win the case?! WAIT.

  4. Why this has being so delay.Delay denies justice.When do we aspect the date of next final hearing can the hearing cannot proceed with ex-parte and settle the case and justice be made to the genuine employees.

  5. How many time the Hon'ble court can grant leave .

  6. You can't accept justice from Department. Anyway, let them take time. Here nothing is fair. Now you can see WHAT A FAIR SELECTION IN THE DOP PARTICULARLY IN PSS GR B EXAM is going on.

    In the last examination, pass percentage of candidates was of north Indian from where DG Posts belonged.

    Now with a change of DG Posts, the pass percentage of candidates diverted from Northern India to South India. So much so in the last examination, the candidates having highest calibre from beneath, able to secure 100 out of 100 in Theory paper II. Please do realize that no University could give 100 percentile even in Physics, Biology, Mathematics.

    What a motion of wind, that flows from northern region to southern region that too with the change of DG Posts.

    Congrats to all successfull aspirants of southern region, who managed the things i.e. change of direction of wind, in their favour. Hardwork is treated like criminals in DOP.

    One can easily well imagine the course/methodology adopted by the PSS GR B candidates in connivance with beneficiaries.

    It is a fit case to be examined by the premier investigating agency and the result has been declared on the outcome of Hon'ble courts. GOD KNOWS what is being expected, when once the result is declared.

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  10. Sir,
    I have earlier offered some comments regarding helping hand of our own ASP/SPOs to fail the CAT case.There are many enemies for 4600 GP issue. I feel these peoples will not succeed and die with cancer like disease.Where is main culprit?i.e Jinnah and company who twisted the issue for selfish agenda. Some ASPOs who failed in PSS GRB exam are trying to fail the CAT case and succeed indirectly to gain 4800 GP by hook or crook i.e. by raising the upgradation of GP for ASPOs first or by merging the GP of ASPOs with SPOs.The 4600 GP for IPOs is not digestible for them.It is a fact.

  11. Dear friends,
    One of the Departmental IP/ASP cadre person has joined hand with Verification of credit/documents/Detective agency etc. The nature of work is verification of documents /credit/matrimonial/employee character/antecedents etc..The agency is situated in metro city with all infrastructure.Remuneration is better DOP i.e. BETTER THAN TA/DA offered by our department on case to case basis.If any official of DOP is interested, willingness to work for their area/state/district/town with contact no. may be sent to email id:
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  12. Premanand Sir, advance congratulations narrow minded people will certainly realise the new things. one more most worst thing which is happening in Andhra Circle namely in Kurnool Region one Sub Dn Head was shifted from his place of working just one week back on the ground that he was not attended review meeting at RO Kurnool (AP) though he was informed SP and AD but none proteced even our so called legends i.e. CS and president and RRs. one more un-realistic target was given in Kurnool Region two more sub dn heads are going to shift from their place of working the assigned target is opening of 1000 (just one thousand only) savings accounts in each BO by SDH with in a period of ten days. Our so called legends are very silent here also we require one more PREMANAND SIR to fight against alll these. GOD has to save us. PREMANAND SIR blog gives link to All india IP ASP association blog whereas no coverage in CHQ blog about GP case. SHanthi hi Shanthi Hi Shanthi Hi

  13. why not a single desired candidates from North East Cirle qualified in PSS Group-B.Now it has come to know reasons.Thank u.

  14. If the last final hearing is fixed on 3.3.2011.what does the hon'ble court mean that it has given 10 days extention to the Department for not being prepared.10 days w.e.f 18.2.2011 it supposed to be posted on 28.2.2011 and not as 3.3.2011.This things should be very clear w.e.f which date.Court also should not play us.

  15. Raj and dorai > group B.

  16. Your defeat is 'their' only agenda.
    You wil win. We wil win.

  17. This blog is the voice of the voiceless. Super leaders fear criticism. They hide criticism. They publish only "sugaring opinions"
    eg the great keralas

  18. The All India Association should manage at the Directorate level and should negotiate for not going for appeal as the case is already badly got delayed.