Thursday, October 11, 2012

Garde Pay of Inspector Posts - Further action for Justice

Dear friends,

             The official rejection letter of the proposal for upgradation of Grade  Pay is yet to be received from the Department. However, the case has been discussed with our counsel at Ernakulam. As suggested by him, we have to challenge the rejection of Grade Pay hike by MOF before the Hon’ble CAT. As informed by the counsel, since the judgment in the earlier OA 381/2010 had been delivered by the Ernakulam Bench itself and arguments in detail was also held last time,  we may expect the final order in our case within four months of filing the OA.

2.            We have received the information from DoP under RTI along with the copy of the note sheet. As per the information received, the issue regarding grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to Inspector (Posts) was examined by DoP and forwarded to Ministry of Finanace and the claim was finally rejected under MOF, D/o Expenditure UO Note No. 6(7)/E.III(B)/2010 dated 24.08.2012. Hence, we will not wait for the official rejection letter.  However, some of the documents have been asked from MOF under RTI on the basis of remarks noted by  them on the  DoP file. So, we are planning to challenge the rejection of Grade Pay hike by MOF before the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench by the end of this month or maximum by first half of November’2012.

3.            We have shared the available documents with our counsel and discussed the case over phone. Further, Sh. Anto ASP, RO Ernakulam visited the counsel office at Ernakulam. Cooperation by Sh. Ajit Kurian, Circle Secretary, Kerala Circle and Sh. Anto is very much appreciated. As per the discussion held with the counsel, All India Association of Inspectors & ASPOs may become a party in this case, if they desire so.  The cost of this case is expected 1 - 1.2 lakhs.  If the Association wishes to finance for the case, they may do so. Otherwise, plan for collection of fund will be informed in the blog later on. Decision in this regard by the Association may be taken in the CWC meeting scheduled to be held on 12th & 13th October’2012. Our GS has already been requested through email as I am not in a position to attend the CWC meeting due to some unavoidable reason.

4.            RTI Information received from DoP has already been shared.  Following information have been asked last month  under RTI from Department of Extpenditure, MOF:
a)    What was the basis of evaluation by the 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) for granting common pay scale/grade pay for the cadres in Grade pay of Rs.4200 & Rs.4600. The comparative Analysis report / Evaluation sheet of 6th CPC for all cadres in Grade pay Rs. 4200 & Rs.4600 may please be provided.

b)    The details of the basis for increase in pay scale of Inspectors CBEC/CBDT from Rs.5500-9000 to Rs.6500-10500 w.e.f  21.04.2004 along with the note sheet of the relevant file may please be provided.

c)   The details of the basis for increase in pay scale of Assistants in CSS from Rs.5500-9000 to Rs.6500-10500 w.e.f  15.09.2006 along with the note sheet of the relevant file may please be provided.

d)  Documents available for establishing the “Traditional Parity” / wholesale identity between Inspectors CBEC/CBDT and Assistants in CSS may please be supplied. 

e)     What was the basis of job evaluation carried out by the 5thCPC & 6thCPC for Inspector (Posts) and granting equal pay scale/Grade pay to Inspector (Posts) and Inspectors CBDT/CBEC & Assistants in CSS ? The copy of the related documents may please be supplied.
f)       The details regarding comparison of “Duties & Responsibilities” of Inspectors CBDT/CBEC and Inspector (Posts) may please be provided. Whether, on the basis of that comparison, the Inspectors CBDT/CBEC and Inspector (Posts) may be placed in the same pay scale/grade pay? If not, the details of the reasons may also be furnished.

g)      The details of the feeder cadres and their promotional cadres carrying the same grade Pay, under all Ministries /Department of the central Government, may please be provided. The policy adopted at the time of promotion to a post carrying the same Grade Pay may also be intimated. 

h)      The details of the action taken till date on the order of the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench dated 19.10.2011 in OA No.381/2010 (wherein Secretary, Ministry of Finance was the first respondent)  regarding upgradation of grade pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600 may please be provided. Copy of the note sheets of the relevant file of the Department of Expenditure may also be provided.”

5.            Your valuable comments are invited. Further, more & more information, useful for our case may be asked from Department Of Expenditure under RTI and shared.



  1. Mr Permanand, All know that you have already incurred huge cost and I think all the Circles are with you to share the expenditure. This is a general causehence, every body has to share the expenditure.
    Wthe reference to your information in this blog, is there any more chance that DOP apraises the DOE, MOF and helps us to get the GP 4600/-? Let us wait and I hope your efforts will not at all be a waste and we will get 4600/- and your name will be remembered decases. I wish you good luck

    NCM Vibhu, ASP, Bangalore

  2. Dear Parmanand ji

    we appreciate your efforts and we are with you by all means

    Niranjan Gramopadhye IP Kamareddy AP

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  4. We are with you Mr.Permanand.Our Association should come forward to share your financial burden. Else, members like me will support you to achieve our goal.
    --P.S.Ramaswamy,ASP(Admn), Foreign Post, Chennai-1,Tamilnadu.

  5. Amit Kumar Jha, IP KR Nagar MysoreOctober 11, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Dear Parmanand Ji
    we really appreciate ur continuous efforts and we all r with u and ready to pay maximum contribution.We r 100 % sure that we ll get 4600 Gp. Go ahed, Best of luck

  6. Dear Permanand
    We are with you. Please go ahead. There will not be any financial problem. Association should take entire financial responsibility.Please file OA at the earliest.

    ASP Maharashtra Circle.

  7. sirji you have done a lot for this cadre but our association is only for entertainment and meetings. this association can't take any decision that favour the inspectors. shame on this association. this time also just enjoy at shirdi cwc and no decision that can favour us.

  8. As per CWC meeting outcome agn the assosiation is agnst the merger of IP/ASP whereas except gazetted status there is no diff in work culture. I dont know assosiation are rigid on their stand agnst merger. Sir pl go ahed but all IP should to think to make seperate assosiation of IP only. presently also in union 90 5 r ASP thats why they r agnst the merger.

  9. Sir
    I fully appreciate your efforts and constant hard work and dedication in achieving one common goal.It is only through you, all the cadre members hope to get rid of discriminatory treatment. Our association functionaries aren't awaken yet. MOF twisted the case against our favour because of lack of mass involvement. In India, very often laws are interpreted differently due to lack of pressure, power, money. Our case is one such burning example.
    In India, timely justice through judicial system alone is a rare hope, particularly when it comes to cases of minority passive group in increasingly outdated organissation.
    Your effort of getting appropriate recognisation by outside learned Hon'ble Judicial Forum is the most important achievement. At least, some people outside our department could know and talk about our position,duty and responsibilities, calibre, devotion, most importantly apatheid treatment given to one section of vulnerable central govt. employees. This is most important achievement. This is the highest reward in the present set up which is more worthier than our monetary demand.
    You will be always remembered for this.
    yours truely

  10. Today I read the DOP order for rejecting the GP of 4600/- for IPOs. I feel we are again treated as backward and not comparable with any other inspectors or assistants. Hence I feel our designation needs to be changed and staff selection exams needs to be cancelled immediately. We need not be too honest towards DOP as DOP.

  11. i read the departments rejection memo for increase of grade, i agree this if the grade pay of the IPoS who are recruited through UPSC must be given less grade pay than other cadres likes IAS, IPS etc.
    Let this be implemented first, in our department than the inspector posts will obviously follow the department guide lines.

  12. The said order really seems dismal and of adamant view of Ministry. It shows that our fight for our right is not simple but we have to continue to get the deserved. Permanand Sir move ahead ahead I am with u.

  13. Sir
    What is the follow up action. Whether contempt case can be initiated or revision petition. Please post in your blog.

  14. It is high time now , we & our duties are not comparable to those of other departments . Did MoF even bothered to have a look what all we do ? They would have been amazed to see our work if they would have even listed half of our duties.
    I really wish to request our seniors /ASPs , please wake up now as merely being "Gazetted" is not significant . What is the use if your work is not respected & considered significant as it is not untrue that ASPs do the same work what Inspectors do . Please leave the egos behind & fight in this cause together .
    We people should fight for bringing Inspectors up & not just cling to the Gazetted status. If we would have fought together strongly & in unison in past there would have been a single cadre with gazetted status intact , more dignity & more chances of promotion.
    At least lets wake up now !

  15. Would any IPoS bear if the salary paid to them is lesser than other Depts?
    If they are given same pay doing different duties why are we paid less?

  16. WHY cant we aggree for IP ASP merger and be benifitted in long run

    Whose interest is being protected exactly

  17. I am selected for the post of Iinspector in mp I hope this is a good
    Job for our feature.....

  18. Brilliant thought this post is awesome and when i read this post how can go without giving you feedback. also i a part of this industry