Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reply by the Dept. on the Rejoinder in OA 381/2010

Dear Friends,
  The reply given by the Dept. on the Rejoinder has been received. The Dept. has again defended that Inspector Posts are not comparable with  Inspectors in CBDT/CBEC and Assistsnts in CSS. The reply is being studied as the case is posted on 21.10.10 for arguments. Your valuable suggestions are requested. To view the reply of the Dept., CLICK HERE.   


  1. sir,
    you may please publish what is the reply filed by the dept. then only we can give our suggestions. thankyou

  2. can u please share copy of reply submitted by the Department.


  3. Dear Sir,
    The department' plea in its reply to our rejoinder in the OA 381/2010 is totally correct on the poin of argument that the work of the Postal Inspector can not be compared with that of CBDT/CSS. The volume of work of the Postal Inspectors is so huge , even the Director of Postal Services and the Postmaster Generals and the Chief Postmaster Generals can not compete with athe work, Intelect of a Postal Inspector. The Officers of the Department are mostly dependant on the work and intelegence of the Inspectoral staff of the Postal Department. The Single man Office or say organisation done everything of the department. The Existance of the Department of Post in Ministry of Communication will definitely be a day dream if all the Inspectoral staff of the department will go on mass resignation or strile of even 15 minutes in a single day of 8 hour of working hour.The Inspector of Post is such apost in the Department of Post on which the entire department as well as the entire Human society of India depends in every moment for any thing or other. There is a glaring example : The Director General Of Post who received the award from our beloved Prime Minister is als afaraid of this cader and failed to supply the reply on TIME Factor of each types of work performed by our INSPECTOr from dawn to dask for the sustainence of this Department violating the RTI principles also. Then What we expect from the Department???

  4. Link has been given to download the Reply filed by the Dept.

  5. It is true that in some stages some posts upgraded equal to next higher posts and in some stages some posts downgraded to lower posts and in some stages some posts granted equal to some identical scales from 1cpc to 6cpc. It is useless to quote such long historical events as present issue is only whether the 6cpc recommended pay parity between Secretariat and field offices upto the level of Assistants of CSS. Only insane people would say there is no pay parity upto the level of Assistants of CSS w.e.f. 1-1-2006. Such absolute pay parity between Secretariat and field offices is likely recommended by 7cpc even upto the level of Under Secretary of CSS in 2018 in my opinion.

  6. Dear parmanand,

    The following point may well be highlighted to explode the myth of the department.

    It is true that the Inspector CBDT were enjoying pay scale of 4600- prior to 1.1.06 and that IP were not. However with the 6 CPC recommendation of merger the IPs also got the same benefit w.e.f. 1.1.06 only for the reasons that the effect was given so and that 6 CPC intention was not to allow the discrimination which was earlier given to them. Government is making 6 CPC a fool and misleading the court by justifying the discrimination which was existing prior to 1.1.06 and conveniently neglecting the CPC recommendation. Once the 6 CPC recommends the merger other matters like recruitment, nature of work etc become non issue even though these are in IPs favour.
    In short once the merger is recommended government cannot take recourse to the situation existing prior to 1.1.06 and if takes it can only be malafide intention contrary to 6 CPC

  7. In para 2 of the additional reply submitted to the CAT , it has been argued that 4th CPC has not recommended higher grade pay but proposed merger of IPO with IRM. Department is reading between the lines just bring negetivity before the CAT. The whole recommendation ie. 10.42, 10.43 and 10.44 should be understood with true spirit. In other words it was pointed out that, in the 4th pay commission, as element of direct recruitment was not there in the cadre of Inspector of Post, the pay of IPs cannot be equated with other Inspector and if this is introduced Government may think of higher pay scale. Hence, 4th pay commission did not recommend higher pay scale. The department subsequently introduced element of direct recruitment pay scales have been equated during 5th pay commission.

    Para No.3
    In this para the department says that on just merger of 5000-8000, 5500-9000, 6500-10500 the inspector has got equal pay to that of CBDT/CBEC. This is again completely misleading fact before the CAT. It is the fact that the 6th pay commission in para no.7.6.14 discussed the demand for upgradation of pay of inspectors and told that by merger of above cadres the Inspector is automatically equated with CBDT/CBEC. Further in continuation of the sentence it is clearly told that “ with this upgradation, Inspector (Posts) shall come to lie in and identical pay scale as that of their promotion post of ASP and hence ASPOs be placed in next higher grade pay…”. The usage of word upgradation clearly implies that higher pay scale was given to equate with inspectors of CBDT/CBEC.
    Para No.4
    In this para it has been told that as , there is intermediary cadre of ASP with grade pay of 4600/- and if IP is given 4600/- it will have cascading effect up to JTS/STS. This fact is not true there may be cascading effect up to Group B as they may have to be given pay of Rs.5400/- from entry stage but it will not have cascading effect to JTS/STS. Moreover the ASP association has given consent to merger of cadre without affecting its gazetted status and hence there may not be any cascading effect by upgrdation of IP scale.

  8. Dear jayanth,

    What has happened to RTI application of Kundapuram ASP? What is the reply of DPS, Darward? please intimate . His mobile number may also please be intimated through this blog as all can convey their suggestions and comments and offer necessary help to him


  9. Dear Permanand,
    I have read the reply of DOP in c/w rejoinder.It is as good as joke. They have hidden the fact that IPOs have selected through same examination of SSC & 6PC recommended the identicle scale.I feel the reply has been prepared by only Senior ASPOs/SPOs who are definitely trying to mix up the issue and want to upgrade their GP behind the curtain using the IPOs case of GP.They are definitely behind the reply.Only god can save this Deptt. After reading the reply of DOP, I feel instead of inspections/inquiries/attending court cases/detecting frauds etc. I should involve myself in frauds and run away with lakhs/crores of Rupees..Reply is really shocking and IPOs are indirectly equated with lowest cadre peoples of DOP.
    I feel Dangerous game is being played by DOP with IPOs.
    "JAI HO ... JAI HO"

  10. Dear friends,
    Our friend Shri Auti IPO under SPOs Ratnagiri Postal Dn. Maharashtra met an accident. He was in critical condition since last 3-4 days and was brought in Pune from Ratnagiri . He was expired yesterday night .Our Circle secretary was testing Five star dinner "THALI" in a Function held at Mumbai GPO. Maharashtra Circle secretary had no time to visit hospital.For some people like Maha C/S Dinner THALI OR FUNCTION IS IMPORTANT THAN LIFE OF ANY IPO/ASPOs.

    ipo/aspo Maharashtra Circle

  11. for Mah.Circle C/S its shame ful act.



    ASP, Patil

  12. this is with reference to the last two comment... the real fact is that the current CS understood that the ex-sec Santosh Kulkarni left from his office at 01.00 am (at night ) from ratnagiri, as such to avoid further damage he left early in the morning.

    But dear friends.. we should give thums up for the sincer effort of Shri S.D. More, Shri Ghule, Shri Bhor and all other IP/ ASPs of Pune Region who had taken pain and helped the relatives of Shri S.N. Auti from Hospitalisation to till and night and provided moral/personneel/monetory help to the relatives...with their effort this could not be possible...and the credit of all this thing to be given to all the IP / ASP of PUne REgion and there is no role of the current secretary..

    One another interesting thing One of IP Shri Dalvi who was accompanying with S.N. Auti from the day of hospitalisation to till funeral, he had just requested the current secretary that i want to come to mumbai kindly accomodate iin u r vehichle.. but instead of accomodating him, he had left him without any help, but ex-secratary not tonly taken care of Dalvi, but he himself had given seat in one of the vehichle and he had adjusted one IP taking on his lap... for 200 kms, but he had given a full seat to shri Dalvi...

    I can write too much on current secretary.. about his treatment to ASP / IP... but this not right place.. other wise the currect CS will say some thing...

  13. One of the ASP from Mumbai region had asked the current CS about the output of agend and the outcome of the same ( better arrangement for ASP i.e. half cabin), but instead of giving reply, he shouted on that ASP.. and told why there is a need of half cabin, chair, etc... we are the superviosry staff, we have to supervise... know u can only think of his mentality.. when the Higher Ups had committed for betterment of ASP... our current CS is opposing it...

  14. Jay ho Maharashtra Circle Current CS ki... like this ASP are required for the strengthining of IP/ASP... beause of his behaviour or his mentality... all other ASP/IPs are coming together and trying to oppose him, or writting comments... its very nice to look...earlier the ASP/ IP was mere mute spectator, but now a days they are keeping their mind open...

  15. Dear Permanand,
    Your blog has beocme forum for IP/ASP of Maharashtra Circle. It is very nice. You can also read the comments of Maharashtra IPO/ASPOs. You can or other Circle IP cardre peoples can understand how the C/S of Maharashtra behaves.On above comments I appreciate the pain taken by IPOS/ASPOs of Pune Region.It is true Mr. Auti was struggling with life and our C/S had no time to visit Pune. Pune is just 2.30 hrs journey. It is also confirmed when the conditions of Mr. Auti became very serious our C/S could not leaVE THE FIVE STAR DINNER THALI AT MUMBAI GPO.It appears he had taken oath to test five star dinner thali before touching Pune for last rites of Mr. Auti.Now it is confirmed that our leaders are selfish . We IPOs/ASPOs of Maharashtra Circle should think seriously about our mistake for electing such C/S. I regret for my vote to Shri Ingle.
    I appreciate Mr. Kulkarnis job.

  16. Read Para 7 lines 4,5,6 (Page 5) of Reply to rejoinder by Dept. Get a copy of the letter by our Dept to Nodal Ministry and produce in the court if possible.

  17. IP/ASPs Maharastra circle,

    Please don't insult the purpose of this blog. I do sympathize with Mr Auti. For this there are blogs of Maharastra circle, All India Associations etc. Think what Permananda will feel about it. He alone taking so much responsibility fighting a case for all of us. Let us help him by way of useful comments.

  18. Dear Permanandji,
    What happened to the case on 21.10.10.Please comment. What were the main points discussed/ argued by our advocate etc.What is the opinion of of our advocate.

    IP UP Circle.

  19. Dear frends
    Mah Circle IPO/ASPOS HAVE NO FORUM .Their comments are restricted in Maharashtra BLOG/CHQ blog. This may be the reason that IPO/ASPOs of are offering comments.Permanandji should not mind for scuh small things.

  20. his is reply to the anonymous comment dtd. October 21, 2010 4:42 AM.

    Dear Friends, I had attended the Conference meeting held at New Delhi, where in it was discussed that we should not help premanand, but what happen, u can see the blog of Tamil Nadu/ Andhra Pradesh / Orissa / Punjab, u can see that all are behind the premanand for his right effort.

    But because of some of the CS like Maharashtra Circle who always think of his benefit and his own welfare rather than the IP / ASP of Maharashtra... thats why the members are writing the comments on this blog because, many members are checking this blog daily rahter than all india association blog. and because of this they are taking out their frustration over the CS of Maharashtra Circle.

    And from my point of view it is good for the association, because the members are taking out their frustration and getting togehter...

  21. I think Many members of Maharashtra Circle is frustrated over the working of CS ( Maha), it is also good to see that they are removing their frustration through comments...and I hope Mr. Premanand will not oppose to it... because of his effort maharashtra IP / ASP are coming together

  22. What's this ? Is this Inspectors Forum or Maharashtra's infighting ?Are IPs fighting to get their right thro CAT or enjoying the infamour blogs of this Circle ? All to please note that the IP/ASP Association & Dte. have forgotton the so-called upgradation proposal. Only CAT can do something. May God bless this cadre.

  23. Reply to above comments:
    Dear friends of Mah. Circle,
    You should demand resignation from C/S if he is inefficient/selfish.If C/S can not fight for masses he should resign without demand of resignation.You should also prepare ground to make Permannand next Gen. Secretary. If Permanand is made GS then only we can hope some change in the cadre can emerge. Otherwise selfish peoples like ex GS or say C/S Mah Circle never support any benificial proposal for IPOs/ASPOs.

  24. Dear friends,
    Those who said that they will oppose permanand in Delhi are no. 1 enemies of IPO/ASPO cadre. They are like Al-Quiada members in IP/ASPO cadre.Such peoples should be taught a tough lesson. Remember when the scale of Inspectors in Income tax/Central excise got upgraded during 2004 what was the the then or the then C/Ss in all Indian states doing. They remained mute spectators and enjoying the contributions of ordinary members in parties or foreign tours.If the voice would have been raised at that time then the IPOs would have got 4600 GP now.
    Its shameful act .Same peoples have no guts to raise voice for the welfare of IPOs on monetary front.