Friday, March 25, 2011

CAT Case Update

Dear Friends,
                    It is unfortunate to state that our case has not been heard on 25.03.2011 also. The counsel of the respondent was not present in the court and has submitted medical certificate for illness. If Required, Miscellaneous Application(MA) will be filed before Honb'l tribunal for early hearing of the case. Hope you all will understand the situation and cooperate with us. Further course of action may perhaps be suggested, if any. 


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    all the best for exam
    thats all folks,

  2. Good Premanand, when will the Misc Appln come for hearing?. The Department never adhereour demand. The CHQ is also in deep sleep. one day they will wake up for battle.
    Wait and see.

    with regards

  3. Dear Permanand Sir and team,
    First of all kudos to you and your team who are still standing firm and fighting for justice even though the case is suffering redundant delays . Even after answering a hundreds questions of non supporters , being blamed for getting the GP proceedings delayed at directorate due to this case and time and again postponements of hearing for no faults of yours , if you people are still believing that case will see a positive end soon; your spirit is definitely praiseworthy .
    After 25.3.2011, you have asked for suggestions but we all feel that you have already done enough and now if the case is getting delayed that is because of the respondents. Their counsel Sri Millu Dandapani is either absent or sick & is unable to attend hearings . Thus, I think we all should wish him “GET WELL SOON” (Munnabhai style) till the time he really gets well and starts attending case hearings .
    His address as given at is Sri Millu Dandapani , Thrupthi,TD Road , North End , Ernakulam -682035,
    His phone no. is –(0484)2368585
    Mobile no.-09847048585
    Thus, to all my IP/ASP friends it is an appeal :As good human beings , we all should pray and wish for him by all possible means .
    (Note: In case calls do not reach their destination , please ..let us all drop him a Get well soon card )

    Permamnad sir , you have adviced to one of the fellow IP/ASP to not to write anything against judicial system but I think wishing anyone is in no way a bad idea. We really want Mr.Dandapani’s good so that he is able to attend case hearings . It does not matter that in whose favor CAT will announce judgment, we will be finally receiving one, that is more than important .

    With regards to all.

  4. fifteen days already over after 25.03.2011, delay is considered intentional. Is there any remedy in judicial system ? It is a general cause involving the interest of around 4000 employees all over India and above all against discriminatory treatment among equals by model employer

  5. Dear Permanand

    We all should pray to God for the health of Mr Sri Millu Dandapani.

    Please apprise us the next date of hearing.


  6. Dear Permanand,
    We are eagerly waiting for the decision .There is no limit of patience.Like in Cricket we waited for precious 28 years.But u should now move like Dhoni in the final stage to get the result in our favour.We all are standing with u.All will be well in the end,if all is not well then definately there is no end .We will fight again.
    Good luck

    ASP ( West)

  7. Dear Premanand Sir,

    Please apprise us the next date of hearing.

  8. Dear Premanand, kindly intimate the position of the case filed for Grade Pay hike.
    ---- S.K.Jha

  9. Dear friends,
    Due to summer vacation, our case could not be listed early. The case may be listed after vacation. Thanks. Permanand.

  10. By the end of June 2011, we will win the case. So have confidence in yourself. Be united... we are at the doorstep...don't loose heart...Wo subah kabhi to aayegi.......

  11. Dear Permanand
    Please intimate when summer vacation will complete and when our case will be listed for hearing.
    Rubul Goswami
    ASP (Legal) CO,Guwahati

  12. let us hope for the best but i m sure it will be in favour of us.

  13. permanand ji kindly leave your moblie no on my email id, i am friend of sandeep and want to disscuss something on my joining in dop. please its uregent and request.

  14. Hardwork pays. Patience pay. Will power pays. WE WILL WIN...

  15. Hello Permananda sir,
    Kindly intimate the today's development on CAT case.

  16. Please intimate the today's proceedings on CAT case. Whether we hope for higher grade pay from CAT decision?

  17. Permanand please inform regarding todays proceedings