Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Suggestions on further action for Grade Pay hike for Inspector Posts

Dear friends,
Thanks for the discussions and comments. I would like to state the following :

(1) We waited for almost six months after the MOF OM dated 13.11.09 for some concrete action from the Dept./Association.

(2) We moved to CAT only after the rejection of Dept's second proposal by MOF. Rejection was expected as combined proposal was sent again to MOF. The scope for upgradtion of GP of Inspector Posts arose only when the GP of Inspectors of CBDT / CBEC, Assistants and Stenographers in CSS was upgraded. There was no mention of upgradation of GPs of other promotional cadres in the concerned Depts/Ministries in the relevant orders. So, becoming rigid on upgradation of GP of ASPOs and PS Gr.B officers at that stage did not appear to be a wise action. Even the merger proposal of Inspector Posts and ASPOs are being discussed for so many months with no fruitful result. We are disappointed by the passive attitude by the Association / Dept. towards the Grade Pay hike of Inspector Posts even after getting the clear view of the members in the General body meeting of the Association on 3rd April'2010.

(3) There is no hurdle for the Dept. to take any step regarding Grade pay hike of Inspector Posts, such as merger of IP and ASP etc., as we have only demanded GP of Rs.4600 for Inspector Posts and nothing has been mentioned about merger of any cadres in the OA 381/2010 filed at Ernakulam Bench. More over the first respondent in the OA is Secretary, MOF.

(4) It is for the Dept. to decide as to how the upgraded Grade Pay of Rs.4600 has to be given to Inspector Posts. As far as the equal grade pay to Inspectors and ASPOs are concerned, it is to mention that in CSS, Section officers and Assistants were at the same pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 for almost two years(Sept'06 to Aug'08), till the finalisation of the issue. Why not in our Dept., the equal Grade pay issue may be sorted out after giving GP of Rs.4600 to Inspector Posts ? It seems that either the Association or the Dept. is not willing to sort out the issue for their own reasons which may be suitable for their cause.

(5) We, Inspector Posts, after the Grade Pay hike of Inspectors and analogous posts in CBDT/CBEC and Assistants in CSS, are feeling degraded. We are demanding higher grade pay as already given to our counterparts in CBDT / CBEC and Assistants in CSS, is not just for higher salary but for the equality with them. It is indeed humiliating for us that we have been treated as second class even though recruited through same examination with no less merit (Min. cut off marks for Inspector Posts is more than that of Inspector Central Excise(SSC’2006) and that of Preventive Officer (SSC’2008) etc.). We have the every right to be treated with equality.

(6) We are fighting for the equality with our counterparts in other Departments since long. Fifth CPC had approved the equality, which was disturbed by the MOF in April’2004. No action was taken by the Association or the Dept. at that time to enhance the Pay scale of Inspector Posts accordingly. We should appreciate the move taken by Sri Jayantha of Karnatka Circle, who filed a CAT case in 2006 at Bengalore bench (424/06). At that time also the Association was a mute spectator. However, it was our fate that, the case was disposed without any decision as the 6th CPC was constituted. Our so called Association (AIA of IP and ASP), even could not represent before the 6th CPC, it was the IRM/ASRM Association, which represented before the 6th CPC and demanded for equality. Now, again 6th CPC approved the equality of Inspector Posts with their counterparts in CBDT / CBEC and Assistants in CSS and again the equality has been disturbed by the MOF vide its OM dated 13.11.09 and 16.11.09. After experiencing the passive attitude of the Association /Dept. for so long, can we wait till next pay commission ? Obviously NOT . Then, what is the option available with us other than the legal one ?

(7) At last I would like to say that no action is perfect. It is the result and time, which analyse the action. We did as we thought correct at that time. We have no regret for the action we have already taken.

Hoping for all your cooperation in future also.



  1. Dear Permanand,
    We are really treated as second class & slave by DOP. u ARE CORRECT.


  2. Dear Permanand,
    We are really treated as second class & slave by DOP. u ARE CORRECT.


  3. Dear comrade,
    dont feel guilty. Your act was(filing case in Ernakulam CAT) correct on the part of an aggreived individual. However, it was forseen by me already which was not taken into account. ANyway as per one's comment, the CAT case do not prohibit the department to come to a conclusion in the hike of GP of IP. Letus hope for the best. Remember your act is not a guilt one. Don't bother about the comments made against you. we are with you. IP from TN

  4. Dear Permanand,

    do not bother for these types of futile words.. Your action is perfect. Hope for best and try accordingly. department beleive in 'devide and rule' policy so these types of rumore is spreading in air.

  5. The GP issue of IP are merged with the case of ASP because, they cannot digest IP getting 4600 GP. They dont understand that it will be easy to solve their case once IP is granted 4600. I strongly belive that there should be seperate association for IP.

  6. Sir,
    It is learnt that Min. of IT & COMM has severely criticised the functioning the Postal board members.Postal board members are good for nothing. OuR GP file of 4600 is also appears to have been with such members without any action. They can't understand the simple english of MOF in respect of GP of 4600. The other ministries officers( say competent and highly talented) have already implemented quickly the MOF instructions issued after 6th PC implementation in respect of 4600 GP. However we the IPO in Department of Post are being denied 4600 GP despite clear recommendations/acceptance of 6PC by Members of/D.G of department of Post. To deny the GP of 4600 they cleverly mixed up other issue with 4600 GP. Some of Such officers ( say "competent/ineffcient/lack of knowledge")of DOP have sent crores of Public money in drains on many projects eg. VSAT,ePost,Data Post,Hybrid mail, Freight Mails etc etc. Now such officer's next target is "SAVING BANK" (i.e."CORE BANKING") .This CORE BANKING may become "CHOR (Thief) BANKLING. Wait & watch.
    IPOs will get 4600 GP *Also wait & watch*.When IPOs will get 4600 GP that moment will be shamefull for MEMBERS/D.G.of Department of Posts as they have taken no efforts for 4600 GP for IPOs. All the acts /efforts ACTIONS IN FILE NOTE SHEETS of Mmembers/D.G. will be called and scanned & made public through RTI. Wait & watch.* It will also be clear how the top officers of DOP say Members/D.G. etc. are masters in twisting the matters.

    **Jai Hind*

  7. Dear friend,
    your point is taken in to account. but the situation is "who will bell the "CAT". Please remember, all other departments are concentrating on the welfare of their employees but DoP is concentrating on the income of the depat besides the welfare of the officers. The cadre restructure is the most important necessity at this juncture. Rlys already done this with their huge manpower. Why not we????/

  8. Reply to Jai Hind:

    You are correct. IPOs are being treated as slaves/beggars.
    4600 GP is pending since long. DOP is unable to take any positive decision in favour of IPOs GP.

  9. IP from West BengalJune 28, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Recentely i had a discussion with mohanarangam G.S, IRM ASRM Association. He suggested some other individual amy also impleaded the case so as to show our demand in the minds of judicial.

    Why don't u try for that? atleast 25 IP can impleaded the case.

  10. Dear permanand,
    recently i came to know that you have filed a CAT case in this regard. I would like to say you have done a good job which cannot be compared with no stand taken by this bloody IP/ASP association. let the people make comments. ALL SUCH COMMENTATORS ARE COWARD INCLUDING ME ALSO THAT WE COULD HAVE TAKEN THE SAME STAND BUT WE FAILD TO DO SO AND now CRITISING THE STAND TAKEN BY YOU.

    Sorry for not remaining in your touch. May I assist you in any way in this case or otherwise????
    Always with you.

    your companion

  11. Dear Permanand
    Your have done excellent job.
    The persons who r critising u are the jeaolous ASPOs/SPOs who are against the possible GP of 4600 to IPOs

    IP MH Circle.

  12. good action not required appreciation. you did a good job kindly update about next hearing of the case. thanks for steap taken.

  13. Sir,
    Durin g the 39 th Maharashtra Circle conference of IP/ASPOs at Nagpur on 2nd July-10 GS Shri Roop Chand informed that decision of merger of IP/ASP is pending in Directorate due to CAT case filed by Permanand. Further he told that the reply from Deptt. for CAT case has been sent by deptt to Min. of finance. hE WAS NOT AWARE ABOUT THE THE TEXT IN THE REPLY OF DOP TO MOF.
    I feel action of DOP is not correct. They just want to delay the matter.Any way we should not blame Permanand. There is limit for every thing.DOP was mute spectator when other ministries implemented 4600 for their Inspectors.IPOs had only option to approach CAT. Well done Permanand.

    Maharashtra Circle IPO

  14. What u have done is correct, we feel guilty that we are not bold enough to do it. Let us wait for CAT proceedings.

  15. As per Orissa circle blog, Association has written a letter on 24.06.10 to DG to intervene and intimate the present status regarding Grade pay of Inspector Posts. Let us wait for the response from the Dept.

  16. Ten days already over. A close watch may be kept.

  17. Dear Peramananda,keep up the fight.we are all with u...Alakananda,IP,assam Circle.

  18. Dear premanand sir,don't be disheartened.we are with is a gross injustice on the part of DOP AND MOF,if the CAT order is not implemented. IP,BIHAR CIRCLE.