Friday, July 9, 2010

News regarding CAT Case

Dear friends,
Our CAT case bearing number 381/2010 has been posted to 19.07.2010 (Monday). AS of now, the reply statements from the Respondents have not been filed. Our Advocate will oppose the extention application, if filed by the respondents, as eight weeks time was given to them. Further developments will be intimated in due course.


  1. Sir,
    Shri Roop Chand our GS told on 3.7.2010 in Nagpur that DOP has submitted reply to MOF in r/o 4600 GP.

    ASP MAHA Circle.

  2. "The comments passed on IP/ASP CHQ BLOG but could not be published is produced here for information of IPOS"
    It was expected from Dte to see new reason to delay 4600 GP to IPOs. The Dte is behaving/treating just like "Pakistan" a conspirator, murderer & IPOs are the victims.You know how Mumbai was attacked and Pakistan took all efforts to deny the role of Pakistanis and demanded proof from India for their citizens role. Now it is proved. Now Directorate is taking all efforts and searching every reason to deny GP of 4600 to IPOs. It is shame on our oFFICERS WHO ARE HANDLING THE GP CASE. Other ministries took promt decision and raised GP to their concerned Inspectors.
    I can only say Dte may cite any reason IPOs will get 4600 GP . Just wait for few months.

    "Jai Hind"

  3. India Post may be the only organization where the Superintendent who gives dictations and the Stenographer who takes down gets the same grade pay. God save India Post !!!

  4. hai comerades it is time of what is power of demant of HAK. dont be passimist.oneday we will get it, sooner or later,

  5. Sir,
    See the central govt. news . The pharmacists have got higher GP. We IPOs are not getting higher GP of 4600 despite clear recommendations by 6PC. It is shame on our ex. Association executives and Departmental Officers of Directorate who have deliberately complicated the matter.
    Shame -- shame -shame - infinity times.


  6. The God is in your favour you people also will get the GP of 4600/- as we got in Customs. We are with you. Best of luck.

  7. Dear Raju,
    Thanks for your wish. Case is being heared on 19.7.10.Your bosses applied positive mind and u got 4600 GP. Here in Postal Deptt. Officers have applied negative mind to harm IPOs financially.Hope IPOs will get justice from CAT.I request Shri Permanad to announce progress of CAT case immediately.
    We are eagerly waiting the outcome of result. We have lost hope on Directorate.