Thursday, February 18, 2010

CAT Case to be filed in first week of MARCH'10 - Regarding Grade Pay of IPOs

Dear friends,
       As you know, we had given a representation to the Department through proper channel in the last month for GP of Rs.4600 for IPOs. Now the period of one month is over and we have not received any response from the Department so far. Hence, we have decided to move Ernakulam Bench of Hon'ble CAT for justice in the first week of March'10 or as decided by you all. It is requested to collect the Name, designation, mobile no. and the email ID of the officials who are in support of such move. All your suggestions and support are required. Kindly put your remarks in the discussion box available in the blog.

Hoping for your cooperation.


  1. we are agree to go CAT . don't wait for association

  2. It is a matter of pleasure that some Inspectors are there who prefer to approach the CAT in connection with revision of grade pay to Rs. 4600/-. Let there be more responses. I will be waiting for members to express their views.


  3. Dear Permanand
    Go ahead. Most of the IPOs in Maharashtra Circle are with you. All must support.If agred, Please take help of media to expose the Departments top officers in the matter & highlight the matter before filing case . If IP can be granted less GP than other department Inspectors despite same competition examination then why IPS officers should not get less GP than IAS/IFS/IRS etc.All IPOs from Maharashtra Circle r with U. Go ahead.

  4. Please don't wait for Ist week of march-10. File the case in last week of Feb-10. Why do you delay?.
    Association peoples are selfish .They created hurdle. Now we should file the case in CAT.Most of the IPOs will support you.

  5. it is very good thinking to pressrize the department. department is in delaying nature. we must go to CAT. All the IP of Assam Circle will support you.

  6. It is good move to prefer the case to CAT. However, only revising the grade pay from 4200 to 4600 will not serve the purpose. The revised pay should be with retrospective effect. Further the new entrants recruited through promotional exam should be fixed for minimum of pay-in-pay band + 4600 as GP.

    Yogesh S Karle

  7. Dear Permanand

    I would like to suggest a correction in the representation, you have mentioned-" there is an element of competative examination for Indian Postal Inspectors also at par with the CSS and sought GP 4600".This is wrong. This sentence may create some confusion in the CAT and develop lot of problems later once the case is taken up. In fact that sentence not at all necessary. Because for the promotees(UDC to Assistants) there is no Competetive exam in Central secretariat. These promotees also claimed GP 4600. I hope similar case of postal also. Further, the fixation is to be stressed. As per item Rule 7 1(A) (ii) which says "if the minimum of the revised pay band/payscale is more than the amount arrived (existing x 1.86), the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale. In CSS, when the UDCs were promoted to Assistants their pay was fixed at the minimum ie., 7450x1.86 +4600. Further the pay commission in its report categorically mentioned that the cpc has taken conscious decision to merge these scales to bring parity between Secretariat and Field Office.Govt. also accepted. So my request is that the point"element of competetive exam" may kindly be deleted and given importance for fixation, stepping up, bunching (as per rules page 35 of RP Rules, which will be more useful for all categories. Since the cpc suggestion was accepted by government, what ever benefit extended in the Central secretariat upto to the level of Assistants (upto pre-6500 scale) must be extended to field office.

    Thanking you,
    S. Krishnan

  8. Dear Permanand,
    I read suggestion of Krishnan. The IPOs should get GP of 4600 on the similar way as the Central secretariate assistants/Income tax/central excise inspectors got. I feel direct element should be brought into the notice of CAT as the same examination (for Assistants/Income tax /Central excise inspector)and identicle scale's fact is also available in the 6pc recommendation report and same report was accepted by Government.

  9. Dear Yogesh Karle,
    I read your comments. Thanks for the same. I have already MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG THAT all IPOs from Maharashtra Circle will support for filing case in CAT.Hope we will come together to support persons like Permannad and defeat evil designs of some elements in IP/ASP Association.

  10. If any body has idea that West Bengal Circle secretary has delivered memorandum to Finance Minister Pranob Mukherji if yes what is content in memorandum. I feel there must be complicated condition i.e. GP of IF GP of 4600 to IPOs is granted problem SPOs must get GP of 5400. This is evil design /expectation in some of the Association members.

  11. I had offered comments on 18-02-2010 also. "Let there be more responses." Members are requested to express their balanced and matured opinion only. One of the member has commented that all IPs from Maharastra Circle will support filing the CAT case but he has not disclosed his identity. Similarly some one has commented that all IPs from Assam will support this move and the author himself has opted to be anonymous. This type of approach will frustrate the move. Members must note that:

    [1] As per JCM Scheme no issue decided by the Commission [ In this case Pay Commission] can be agitated in Courts and Tribunals within 5 years unless there are exceptional circumstances. Members will have to justify what are the exceptional circumstances to agitate the issue before the CAT ?

    2. As soon as notice is issued to the Union of India all efforts / moves on this issue will be deemed to have been freezed. Department of Posts / Ministry of Finance may not entertain and negotiated settlement.

    3. IP/ASP association is seeking revision of Grade Pay at par with similarly situated Inspectors in other Departments on the plea that they are also similarly situated Inspectors i.e. there is an element of direct recruitment in this cadre also. But our case becomes slightly different from others. In other Departments like Income Tax etc. Inspector is elevated to ITO Group 'B' Gazetted. There is no cadre equivalent to ASP in other organizations. With a view to seek parity with Inspectors of other Departments we will have to examine the issue in its totality. There are very remote chances of Group 'B' officer getting grade pay of Rs. 5400/-. If Postal Service Group 'B' officers get GP of Rs. 5400/- that will have to be extended to ITOs, Group 'B' officers of CBDT/CBEC etc. etc. which Ministry of Finance will never agree.

    4. Now this remains a number game. In most of the Circles like Himachal etc. persons are getting elevated to ASP after 15/16 years of service.

    5. Members should express their comments / opinions taking a well balanced view. May be some different line of action emerge from this discussion ?

  12. The filing of case in the CAT for GP 4600 has no relevance, because the government has already sanctioned the same and many departments for similar cadres already claimed arrears also. Hence there are chances to dismiss the case in the admission time itself. Please OM dated 13.11.2009 and also gazetee notification page No.44. Since the federation is going to ask only GP 4600 again and you may not get another opportunity to demand actions to remove the existing other major anomalies. Such as fixation as was done by Central Secretariat people in addition to GP4600, they have already fixed pay in the scale 7450-11,500. Further what about bunching and stepping up. The GP 4600 has already been sanctioned by government and filing a petition again will have no relevance, whereas you may please think of filing for implementation of the benefits mentioned in the Revised pay rules such as fixation, bunching, stepping up. etc.

  13. Dear sharma,
    It appears u are doubtful about support of IPO members of Maharashtra or other circles. GS says file has been rejected and GP of 4600 to IPOs is not agreed by MOF.Who will fight the case of IPOs for GP of 4600? You are well aware that as per pay commission recommendation IPOs are kept in identicle scales on par with the Assitants of CS/I.Tax/Central exice inspectors & recommendation has been accepted by government. OM dt. 13.11.2009 has cleared the doubtful condition .Is our deptt.a private organisation? Why should IPOs face descrimination?. Please also refer balanced & fair opinion of C/S Shri Mohanty in orrisa Circle blog. All ASPOs/SPOs/IPOs should be broad minded & not selfish.He is fit person to be FUTURE GS of Association.


  14. The cpc report states as under:

    7.6.14 Postal Inspectors in Department of Posts have demanded a
    higher pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 on par with Inspectors and
    analogous posts in CBDT/CBEC as well as Assistants of Central
    Secretariat Service (CSS) on the ground that they are recruited
    through the same examination. The Commission is recommending
    the merger of pre-revised pay scales of Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-
    10500 which will automatically bring Inspector (Posts) on par with
    Assistants in CSS/Inspectors and analogous posts in CBDT and
    CBEC. With this upgradation, Inspector (Posts) shall come to lie in
    an identical pay scale as that of their promotion post of Assistant
    Superintendent (Posts) [ASPOs]. ASPOs shall, accordingly, be
    placed in the next higher pay scale of Rs.7450-11500 corresponding
    to the revised pay band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grade
    pay of Rs.4600. The next higher post in the hierarchy, that of
    Superintendent (Post), which is also a promotion post for ASPOs,
    shall be placed in the pay scale of Rs.7500-12000 corresponding to
    the revised pay band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grade pay
    of Rs.4800. Parity exists between the posts of Inspector (Posts) and
    Inspectors in Mail Motor Service (MMS). This parity would need to
    be maintained and Assistant Manager, Mail Motor Service shall be
    placed in the higher grade of Rs.7450-11500 whose corresponding
    replacement pay band and grade pay is PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800
    along with a grade pay of Rs.4600. Similarly, Manager, Mail
    Motor Service shall be placed in PB-2 pay band of Rs.8700-34800
    along with a grade pay of Rs.4800 which corresponds to the prerevised
    pay scale of Rs.7500-12000.

    Accordingly the ministry of Finance merged all these three scales and upgraded to 7450-11,500 with GP4600 vide OM dated 13.11.2009. So the demand of Postal inspectors also accepted.

    Will any one please mention the reason for filing a case in the CAT?

  15. Gopalji,
    I read your comments & fully agree with the material provided by you. If the department dont like to grant GP of 4600 to IPOs despite OM dated 13.11.2009 where should IPOs approach. We can not approach the priest. Gopalji should have informed where the IPOs should go if not to CAT.The creators of IPO cadres have become destroyers.

  16. Mr.Anonymous, I totally agree with you, but if the officers concerned in department is unable to implement the OM dated 13.11.2009, you may file case against the officer concerned and not against the government. Government is already approved. Further I am surprised to note the role of JCM members being played in the postal department. If such is the case, as and when the DA increases by OM of Ministry of Finance, your officers cannot claim until and unless you receive further order from your Ministry. I am sorry to understand Mr.Anonymous, where our Indian employees/officers stand.

  17. Mr.Anonymous REPLIES:
    Now I am happy to know following paragraph from you that "If such is the case, as and when the DA increases by OM of Ministry of Finance, your officers cannot claim until and unless you receive further order from your Ministry".The above implies that any OM of MOF can also be made not applicable to DOP officials citing one or another reason.Further any OM can also be made not justified for DOP officicials by DOP top grade officers.The mis- intrepreters in the DG office & GS should be sentback to schools for learning correct intrepretation.

  18. Now the process of membership reverification is on. I request everybody to withhold your membership. SO that the office bearers will think. Kindly offer your valuable comments on this. UNITY IS STRENGTH...KINDLY EVERYBODY HOLD BACK UR MEMBERSHIP LETTER.


  19. YEs i also agreed fully with mr.karthick. pl. evverybiody cooperated

  20. Mr. Kartik, One more suggestion.......If we all donate our membership amount to the persons taking up the case in CAT. it will help them in winning the case. pl. everybody contribute

  21. It is learnt that our GS has finally agreed for merger of IP and ASP (as on 22.02.10). Let us hope for the early disposal.

  22. We should wait for the outcome of proposed merger proposal, to approach CAT.

  23. Ig GS is agrred for merger he should declare it on his selfish blog. I have already told in this blog that IPOs from Maharashtra Circle will donate for CAT case.Further Karthiks is also good. We should also consider to join P-III Union like Income tax Inspectors. They don't have separate association like in DOP.

  24. Number of IPs from Maharastra are of the opinion that we should join the PIII federation. As we are experiencing a lot of harrassments on account of BD/SB/RPLI target, intra-regional transfer and posting, addtional work of vacant sub-division etc. and the association is playing table-tennis game since last two years. Not a single request for tfr from one region to another has been consider. The IP association seems helpless and work become standstill. The association has lost confidence in representing the cases of the IPO members to the Circle chief.

  25. Dear Permanand,
    Please see the Orissa Circle blog also. We need peoples like you and C/S Orisa ,in Association's body. Some body has told identity of IPOs/ASPOs should be revealed in the blog. Why identity is required? Mr. Gopalji and B.C. Sharma has also offered some positive views.The IPOs/Jr. ASPOs who are mostly in loss and Sr. ASPOs are also in loss due to rejection of 4600 GP to IPOs. Sr.ASPOs are also going to benifit through MACP if 4600 GP is granted. All IPOs /ASPOs are going to benifit if GP 4600 is granted to IPOs. The only thing is that SPOs wanted to Push their GP to 5400 and then expected subsequent jump to 6600/- within a 4 years i.e they expected that if demand of GP of 4600 to IPOs w.e.f.1.1.06, is accepted they will jump in 6600/- in 2010 and hence the hurdle has been created by GS or his close associates in SPO cadre. The suggestions and comments of frustated IPOs/ASPOs in blog are enough . The identity OF IPO/ASPO in blog is not necessary. When Shri Permanand files a case then see the response/donations from all IPOs/ASPOs of many Circles. I have discuussed with 14-15 IPOs of my Circle & they r ready to donate when the case is filled in CAT.Instead of giving Union contribution we will give it to Shri Permanad who is showing some guts to file case in CAT in the interest of all IPOs/ASPOs.

  26. Dear Yogesh,
    To fight with IPS we are not capable if we stays with Association.I also believe that if we are with Association we may not get GP 4600.We will get only target, abusive type of language from the IPS/SSPOs. The SSPOs i.e. promotees in this department also think that they have come from heaven and forget about their time in IPO cadre/Clerical cadre.I feel we should study the formation of federation /bye laws of Income tax federation where Income tax inspectors are members with P-III.They got 4600 due to pressure of P-III. They don't have separate Association. Why should we make complicate cases against the P-III/P-IV BROTHERS/SISTERS during the course of inquiry/investigation at the instances of IPS.AOs/AAOs also got benifit due to support from P-III only.When time comes for the benifit of IPOs/ASPOs the IPS body snatches the same.The example of GP of 4600 is eye opener. Had this GP of 4600 been there for P-III officials as per the OM dt.13.11.09 same would have been implemented at once.- Mr.Peter

  27. The above suggestion is good. our association now (always)became a teethless one. it could not fight against the harrassments made by the officers. For everything, dept is penalising the Inspector cadre. the same dept cannot rise a finger against other cadres. because they are united. we, IP/ASP are not united and the frame of our association is not capable enough to fight against such harassment. see, JAO passed candidates have recently been promoted with GP 4800. only bcse of strong trade union activism. our members please think of joining under a strong association, which can protect our cadre. the move will also create healthy and friendly relations with our subordinates. why should we ill-treat our friends in our subordinate cadres.
    I request the GS of NFPE PIII association to create a wing for IP/ASP association under NFPE. many of our newly passed and existing IP/ASPs are ready to join under it. Let us fight strong under a new Association. please offer your comments.

  28. Peter Said--
    We must takeup the matter with NFPE and form a unit under NFPE P-III Union for IPO/ASPOs.If you will believe our lair GS, forget GP of 4600 for IPOs forever. IPOs may come below the pay scale of LSG(NB)/HSG-II in next pay commission if Samuel type of person is there in the Association.

  29. For Yogesh:
    Who told you to become IP & face such difficulties.You can revert and become tension free "KARKOON".You should have think before sitting in IPO examination.You are only responsible for your present. No body has forced you to become IP.I studied harassment first in IPO cadre and decided later on for not appearing in IPO examination. I am now happy "KARKOON"/PA.


  30. Dear IP.. I think if the GS is not in favour of merger of IP & ASP, then what is the use of having one association. we will break this association also into 2-(IP and ASP seperately) we will fight for our own cause. please every body comment on this. Kindly refer me as poor IP in future references.

  31. Reply to Yogesh karles coment,Since last two years transfer cases are considered due to effort of IP asp association Shriwelankar,ahuja,buchade,sing,were transferred to mumbai region also asps transferred to nagpur region have been reallotted to their parent region i.e.aurangabad region.even in
    case of goa region due to efforts of association transfrs are implemented.C/S IPASP MAH

  32. For Poor IP
    I fully support you.Why should we support ASPOs if they have allergy with GP 4600 to IPOs. Let them be Gazetted & happy without Bonus.

  33. Dear yogesh I know you r waiting for your reallotment but there are so many of your ip friends who have more than four years working in other regions association is taking all out efforts to accomodate them in mumbai region if joining PIII would solve your problem u r free to take decision.

  34. Permanand ASP ro CalicutFebruary 24, 2010 at 12:51 AM

    We should not think in unrealistic way under the depression. Now, AS our GS agreed to move the merger proposal of IP nad ASP, we should wait and watch for the positive outcome. If SO and AAO can be merged, and if JAO and AAO can be merged, why not IP and ASP ?
    So, let us hope for the best and strenthen our association.

  35. Dear permanand,
    How to confirm whether GS is agreed for merger? He is lair.He will speak one thing infront of you and do exactly opposite behind you. GS should provide some more details on the status of merger or GP of 4600 to IPOs.


  36. Dear friends,

    You may not believe my words. I am sure that the proposed demand/petition in the lines of representation you made will not be useful. Because you have asked for GP 4600/- alone, whereas the the same scale officials in the CSS and all got fixation and stepping up. So in the event of moving to CAT, you may demand/pray for fixation in the scale 7450-11,500 and GP4600 as was done by cSS. You may also quote one recent judgement No.OA.164/2009 (you can download the judgement from CAT site ).

  37. Dear Permanand,
    I hope you have seen the comment of Gopal. The pray in the CAT should be slightly modified in view of the pay fixation formula applied in respect of Assistants of Central Secretariate.We should get 4600 GP for IPOs along with similar pay fixation w.r.t. Assitants of Central Secretariate.
    Before filing case you must consult Advocate for achieving both benifits sya GP 4600 including Pay fixation like aSSISTANTS OF Central Secretariate.
    Please do the needful.

  38. Dear Shri Kulkarni,
    I am not insisting on reallotment to mum region by surpassing the request register. But I insist that the queu should not stopped. Now four members have been alloted to the different region against which four IPs, whoever are seniors in the request register must accommodate in the Mumbai region. Do not take my comment personally. All the discussions are for the benefits of the members. Which will reveals new facts to all members. As far as your suggestion for joining P-III is concern. The debate was started on the blog and I expressed my view on the same.

  39. Dear Permanand,
    Please declare date of filing case in the CAT so that all willing IPOs /ASPOs can be informed for remitting donation. Further pray in the CAT must be for GP of 4600 to IPOs & fixation of pay should be similar to Assistants of Central Secreatariate.Both points should be combined.


  40. LATEST:

    It is learnt that the GS has called for the view of the Circles over email regarding merger of IP and ASP. I also hope that the proposal would be submitted to the Dept. shortly. In that case i feel that it would be wise not to file the case in a hurry, since the dept. would say the matter is subjudice.


  41. Dear Permanand,
    Thanks for taking the initiative in the case. As far as the proposal for merger is concerned, you will be shocked to know that it is a mere false information being spread by the higher ups in our association. In fact, we have come to know from reliable sources that the same old proposal for upgradation of Grade pays of IPs, ASPs and SPs to 4600, 4800 and 5400respectively, has been resent to the Finance Ministry.

    It may be disheartening to say this, but as per the response of the Finance Ministry in this case, this proposal is going to be rejected again.

    Dear friend, it is not fruitful to believe the office bearers of the association, who have let us down time and again. We better take next course of action, i.e., GO TO THE CAT. This is the only hope for us.

    We are ready to contribute financially, morally and intellecually in any way possible.

    Your truly
    IP, PG Section, Postal Directorate
    New Delhi

  42. Respose for filing the CAT case is not as per the expectation. Holy festival may be one of the reason. I again appeal all my frinds and colleagues to involve actively and also to contribute in the new savings account bearing number 31074715151, opened at SBI Kaloor branch (IFS code-SBIN0008621) in the name of Mr. CHANDRAKANTA PALADHI (Direct recruitee, 2007 batch), working at RO Kochi.
    Hoping for the cooperation.

  43. Dear Permanand,
    The comment of Mr. Lakhera appears correct. Association members are spreading rumours that the cadre merger is under process & same will be finalised in Association's conference at Delhi int he first week of April-2010. some IPOs may beleive in this rumours and may show unwilingness to donate till the end of conference on Ist week of April-2010.
    Please file the case in CAT. In case we get less donation, we will contribute more than 1000.
    Don't worry for finance & responses.We r with U.

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  45. In my opinion you are mistaken. Let's discuss it. Write to me in PM.